Terms and conditions

Please read attentively Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions


The Terms and Conditions contained herein, together with those specific to individual accommodations or services, in which the customer has chosen to lease (as described on the website), comprise the basic contract between the customer and SicilianMate di Giuseppe Recupero, from now on defined "MammaSicily". Please read the terms of this contract because they govern mutual rights and obligations.

1. Reservation

The customer can book through a phone call, e-mail, or online application on our website or on other websites that host our accommodations. The customer makes the booking and is therefore obliged by contract and must be at least 18 years of age.

The reservation is valid only upon receipt of a deposit equal to 30% of the amount unless otherwise agreed. The booking will be maintained, however, on hold for 3 days. At the expiration of which, in case of non-receipt of the deposit, it will be cancelled.

The entire amount must be paid 3 days before the start of the rental.

The price will be accepted and confirmed through payment. The price is for the number of guests confirmed, and it won't change in case the numbers of the guests will decrease thereafter.

So, for reservations made within 3 days before the beginning of the lease or service, you will need to pay the full amount unless otherwise agreed.

If the payments were not made on a regular basis (both in the timing and amounts) MammaSicily reserves the right to consider the reservation cancelled by the customer himself. The customer will receive written confirmation of payments made and the booking voucher.

1.1 Booking online

The traveler who books directly on the online booking system of, has the opportunity to pay through two payment methods of his choice: bank transfer or PayPal and credit card.

Bank transfer

In the first case, when the traveler sends the reservation confirmation, he receives an email containing all the bank details on which to send the transfer and the details of his reservation including the amounts to be paid.
From that moment on, the traveler has 3 days to make the transfer and send the proof of payment by email to
If the proof of payment is not sent in time, the traveler loses the right to the reservation of the property of his choice for the dates indicated, the pre-acceptance expires and the dates return free.

PayPal and credit card

In the event that the traveler pays by choosing the PayPal and credit card method, his reservation is immediately confirmed, as soon as the payment is authorized.

1.2. Service fee

The traveler pays the service fee when booking through the website. This commission covers the costs of managing the site for the owners and travelers themselves. Part of the management costs are used to facilitate secure transactions, develop products and services and provide customer service.

The service fee is charged at the time the traveler pays the deposit to block the booking of a property. The service fee is a percentage of the total amount of the reservation. The service fee is 4%.

2. Security deposit

A security deposit, the amount of which is indicated in the reservation voucher, must be paid upon arrival to the owner / manager of the accommodation. The deposit will be refunded upon departure, less any damage or consumption (more than that agreed in the booking). Greater compensation for further damage is always legally valid.

3. Arrival / Departure

Upon arrival, the customer needs to present the reservation voucher and a valid ID (Identity Card, Passport).

The arrival time in the selected accommodation is established between the h. 4:00pm to 9:00pm, departure is established between h. 8:00am to 10:00am. Changes to the times above can be made, subject to express acceptance by MammaSicily.

In the event of unforeseen delays the Customer must immediately notify MammaSicily. MammaSicily reserves, in these cases, the right unilaterally to determine the new time of arrival and apply for reimbursement of any costs due to delays.

If the customer is unable to occupy the accommodation for events of force majeure (eg. war, strikes, terrorist attacks, natural disasters and similar events) no refunds will be due to the customer.

For early departures, not attributable directly or indirectly to accommodations managed by MammaSicily, no refund will be due.

4. Reservation changes and cancellations

Any change of reservation requested by the customer, either as booking period / duration / accommodation or replacement of himself with another customer is subject to the explicit approval of MammaSicily. MammaSicily will try to satisfy the customer's requests, provided they meet the contractual conditions.

MammaSicily will charge the customer the extra costs related to the requested amendments, and the administrative costs will be € 50.

In the event that MammaSicily has not been able to meet the demands of the customer, the latter will have the option to cancel the reservation and will be charged therefore the related penalties for cancelling the booking.

5. Cancellation by the Customer

Any request for a cancellation by the customer must be notified to MammaSicily in writing and via e-mail.

The cancellation request must be notified to MammaSicily LTD during business hours. If the request is sent after the closing time it shall be deemed to have been received on the next working day.

The cancellation will lead to the following penalties that will be expressed as a percentage of the amount on the reservation:

  • Quando il cliente annulla una prenotazione 45 giorni o più dalla data di arrivo, il cliente sarà totalmente rimborsato.
  • Quando il cliente annulla una prenotazione 44 giorni o meno dalla data di arrivo, il proprietario tratterrà l'intera somma pagata a titolo di penale di cancellazione.

6. Cancellation by MammaSicily

In the event that the accommodation is not available, for reasons beyond the control of MammaSicily, then MammaSicily is committed to: 1. find an accommodation of equal or greater standard than the one originally booked; 2. compensate the customer, by way of a definitive compensation, according to the following scheme:

Reservation Date Change (Days before start of booking period) Compensation (per person, excluding children under the age of 16 years)

  • Up to 31 days € 10
  • 30 - 16 days € 20
  • 15- 8 days € 30
  • 7 - 0 days € 40

If the Customer does not accept the above proposal, MammaSicily will reimburse the customer the amount paid and the latter will not be entitled to any additional compensation.

In the event that the cancellation was due to reasons of force majeure, no refund or penalty will be payable by MammaSicily. This applies to unforeseeable and uncontrollable events (eg war, strikes, terrorist attacks, natural disasters and similar events). In any case MammaSicily will do its best to assist the customer in finding alternative accommodation.

7. Use of facilities

The use of the structures present in the accommodation (eg. swimming pools, sports facilities, bathrooms or showers, and the like) must be done carefully and by observing ordinary caution. MammaSicily disclaims any liability for any damage caused by the use of facilities.

8. Number of guests

The accommodation can only play host to the number of people listed in the reservation voucher. However, it is allowed by agreement with MammaSicily, for there to be an increase in the number of occupants, but it cannot, under any circumstances, exceed the number of sleepers indicated by MammaSicily on its advertising channels. MammaSicily may refuse entry or may request the release of the accommodation if the number of occupants has not been brought back to what was agreed.

9. 9. Complaints, contract terms and jurisdiction

Any complaint submitted to MammaSicily 10 days after the end of the lease shall be deemed ineffective and no compensation will be due.

10. Law and jurisdiction

The contract is subject to Italian law, and we will refer to the Italian law for any dispute or for any questions of interpretation. The Italian version of the contract will prevail, in any event, in case of any doubt with any interpretation.

Any claim or disputes shall answer only to the authority of the court of Catania.

11. Special clause for Covid-19 - change of period or guaranteed refund

Notwithstanding the general rental terms and conditions, should you not be able to use the booked stay due to measures issued by public authorities related to the Covid-19 health emergency (e.g. lockdowns, border closures, tourist/non-essential travel restrictions, quarantine requirements, etc.) MAMMASICILY will grant you the opportunity to change the booking period or, alternatively, refund the full amount already paid for the rental (except 5% of the amount paid, for administrative costs).

Important: This special clause does not apply to other cases (even if related to the Covid-19 emergency) such as: closed restaurants, curfew, flight cancellations, etc.

This special clause also does not apply if the specific restrictions related to the Covid-19 emergency and issued by public authorities refer only to individuals who are not vaccinated.